Veera Mahajan

I help Empower women to live life on their own terms.

I am a motivational speaker.

I help women change their mind-set from being a victim to a victor by letting go of the victim syndrome by deciding to stop giving up their power and allowing someone to hurt them.

I help women feel strong and confident so they live life on their own terms.

About Veera.

Veera Mahajan is a Mediator, Life Coach, TEDx Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Producer.

She is widely recognized for her expertise in women empowerment and domestic abuse awareness. Her captivating speeches on self-love and self-respect have inspired countless individuals to break free from abusive cycles and embrace empowered lives. She travels around the globe to speak with women and young girls so they will live their lives on their own terms and teach their daughter to do the same. Veera helps women feel strong and confident so they will never allow anyone to hurt them. Leveraging her advanced degree in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from the esteemed Straus Institute at Pepperdine Law School, along with her background in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, she skillfully navigates challenging conflicts, to find win-win resolutions. Veera understands the dynamics of domestic abuse and the psyche of victims.

Veera’s unwavering commitment to empowering women extends to her best-selling book, “DOMESTIC ABUSE, UNREPORTED CRIME,”

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Veera possesses a strong foundation in technology and business.
Veera made significant contributions as the President of a highly successful software company in Michigan. Over 23 years, she played an instrumental role in its remarkable growth and eventual acquisition by a French company for over $105 million.

Veera is an entrepreneur by nature. She also owned and published Malibu Chronicle Magazine for six years before selling it to The Malibu Times.

Veera is the founder of a non-profit organization called Veera”Foundation for Women at Risk,” dedicated to supporting women and children facing domestic abuse. She supports young girls through The India Dreams Foundation, which focuses on high school education, menstrual hygiene education and social skills for young girls.

In her multi-faceted approach to life, Veera Mahajan embraces every opportunity to live life to the fullest and empower others to do the same.

Speaking Topics.

How do you want people to treat you?

In this session Veera will discuss how women are groomed to be good girls. What does it mean to be a good-girl.

What are girls learning and expecting?
How the world responds and the effects. Veera shares her life stories and stories of the men and women she interviewed for her book. You will be amazed as you learn the patterns, cause and effect.

LIVE doesn’t only mean to be alive and breathing.

To be really living your life also means to be happy and feeling alive. Veera breaks down the meaning of the word LIVE. She lives by the four letters and the definition of the word LIVE.

Once you hear her explain it, the way she uses the letters L I V E remind her to really live her life to the fullest and on her terms you will see clearly how wonderful your life can be.

Give up the Victim Syndrome, Speak up and own your power.

Learning to receive is as important as learning to give. Veera speaks about the difference in how typically the male and female children are groomed in most families and how that behavior shows up in their adult personal and professional lives.

If you are not mindful, simple triggers can take you all the way back to how helpless you felt when your father yelled at you at the dining table. Veera shares stories to explain and how to change your mindset so you do not allow anyone or even your old way of thinking to hurt you.

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