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Mediation helps you find a win-win solution. You decide what is acceptable  instead of having to accept the court order. 

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Mediation : Facilitated Negotiation

Resolving Disputes peacefully using facilitated negotiation while saving time, resources, relations

Recently had two sessions with Veera to try and rectify the most important relationship in my life. Both sessions were not only productive…they were eye-opening plus enjoyable ! Second session included my soon-to-be third wife, our nearly four year relationship suddenly seemed toxic and in danger of ending…took Veera only a half hour to isolate the severe psychological damage in my Lover's childhood past and disarm it’s constant harm. Veera gleaned the specific triggers from the past that had relentlessly continued to ruin the present. Veera gave my Love a way to instantly disarm abusive events from her childhood that were destroying our wonderful Love. 

Veera owns significant Empathy learned from the serious struggles in her life, she is skilled plus unafraid to share her positive strategies for successful relationships... and Life in general. Veera is an Outstanding listener. She is also professionaly trained, naturally likable and cares about creating happiness.  

Thank You Veera ! !  

There are so many more stories like that where my clients have told me they are so happy they came to me and were able to resolve their disputes peacefully and quickly, and that they are able to maintain a peaceful relationship with their ex business partner or spouse. 

How Mediation Can Help You

Have a conversation instead of yelling at each other. Listen to the other side.

Let me explain the concept of mediation with a little story: 

Two young siblings are fighting over one orange while their mother is very busy preparing dinner. She has just about had it with the two kids fighting and screaming. So, made a judgement call: she grabs the orange and chops it in half and gives each one a half. The children stop fighting. The mom is happy that she was able to calm her kids and that she can go on and do what she was doing peacefully too. 

After she is done with her cooking, she goes to take out the trash and she finds half the orange and half the orange peal in the trash. She can‘t believe that the kids wasted the fruit after they both fought for it so much. So she asked then what was the meaning of that. Do they just like to fight and also give her a hard time. 

The kids explained that one wanted to eat the orange and the other only wanted the peal for her school project. 

Only if the mom had talked to the kids before chopping the orange in half to give each one one-half each, she could have given the whole orange to one and the whole peal to the other.  

That‘s what a mediator mom would do!

Save Time, funds and relationships

Enjoy life. Be peaceful!

In the time that two different lawyers will take to gather information to make cases one medator could already be making headway in conflict resolutions. Because, a mediator is a neutral person talking to both parties, she sees and hears both sides and starts suggesting resolution possibilities right away. Things can be resolved with one item at a time till all or most of the grievances on the list are resolved.  Saving time. 

Since mediation takes less time  than going to lawyers, preparing cases mostly to attack the other party; money is saved. And mediators generally cost less than lawyers so more money is. saved!

Mediation is based on win-win strategy, in mediation you are trying to listen to the grievances of each party and share thoughts, use assisted negotiation to come up with a solution that both parties can agree to and live with instend of attacaking each other as is normally in a law-suit. After going through a law suit, some people  end up hating each other and completely lose the friendly relationship they once had.  During mediation, I always keep their relationships in mind and if possible keep that love and respect going by reminding both parties what they have to lose and how they can maintain a healthy ongoing relationship if they chose to resolve their conflicts peacefully without attacking each other.  



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