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    Producer, Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu's most Valued Community Leaders. Author of the critically acclaimed book "Unreported," about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse, Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher. With a master's degree in Dispute Resolution from the prestigious Pepperdine School of Law; Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Veera Mahajan leads a multi-faceted team of private clients; educating them on the causes and solutions of crisis and conflicts. She also uses her background in spiritual psychology to inspire spiritual growth and helps people realise their purpose in life. She brings out the best in people and teaches them how to live a happy, loving and peaceful life. Veera helps her clients get at the root of their problems and live more purposeful lives. She makes her clients feel empowered to overcome their programming, conditioning, and traumas so that they can realize the greatness that lies within themselves.

    How Mediation Can Help You ?

    The concept of mediation can be explained with this little story: Two young siblings are fighting over one orange while their mother is very busy preparing dinner. She has just about had it with the two kids fighting and screaming. So, made a judgement call: she grabs the orange and chops it in half and gives each one a half. The children stop fighting. The mom is happy that she was able to calm her kids and that she can go on and do what she was doing peacefully too. After she is done with her cooking, she goes to take out the trash and she finds half the orange and half the orange peel in the trash. She can‘t believe that the kids wasted the fruit after they both fought for it so much. So she asked then what was the meaning of that. The kids explained that one wanted to eat the orange and the other only wanted the peel for her school project. Only if the mom had talked to the kids before chopping the orange in half to give each one one-half each, she could have given the whole orange to one and the whole peel to the other. Read more


    Veera is working on producing the feature film, "Unreported," based on her book of the same title.


    Author of the critically acclaimed book "Unreported," about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse.


    Mediator/Arbitrator and a peacemaker and Expert on Domestic Abuse

    Public Speaker

    Noted public speaker and life coach. She is the Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Expert on Domestic Abuse


    Known producer of a number of publications and short films


    Communications Coordinator; bridging understanding, and wisely teaching peacemaking for both the student body and parents, as well as faculty.


    Happy Clients Says

    Recently had two sessions with Veera to try and rectify the most important relationship in my life. Both sessions were not only productive…they were eye-opening plus enjoyable ! Second session included my soon-to-be third wife, our nearly four year relationship suddenly seemed toxic and in danger of ending…took Veera only a half hour to isolate the severe psychological damage in my Lover's Read More