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Mediation helps you find a win-win solution. You decide what is acceptable  instead of having to accept the court order. 

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Mediation : Facilitated Negotiation

Resolving Disputes peacefully using facilitated negotiation while saving time, resources, relations

Recently had two sessions with Veera to try and rectify the most important relationship in my life. Both sessions were not only productive…they were eye-opening plus enjoyable ! Second session included my soon-to-be third wife, our nearly four year relationship suddenly seemed toxic and in danger of ending…took Veera only a half hour to isolate the severe psychological damage in my Lover's childhood past and disarm it’s constant harm. Veera gleaned the specific triggers from the past that had relentlessly continued to ruin the present. Veera gave my Love a way to instantly disarm abusive events from her childhood that were destroying our wonderful Love. 

Veera owns significant Empathy learned from the serious struggles in her life, she is skilled plus unafraid to share her positive strategies for successful relationships... and Life in general. Veera is an Outstanding listener. She is also professionaly trained, naturally likable and cares about creating happiness.  

Thank You Veera ! !  

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Save Time, funds and relationships

Enjoy life. Be peaceful!


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