Testimonials of Veera Mahajans

Recently had two sessions with Veera to try and rectify the most important relationship in my life. Both sessions were not only productive…they were eye-opening plus enjoyable ! Second session included my soon-to-be third wife, our nearly four year relationship suddenly seemed toxic and in danger of ending…took Veera only a half hour to isolate the severe psychological damage in my Lover's childhood past and disarm it’s constant harm. Veera gleaned the specific triggers from the past that had relentlessly continued to ruin the present. Veera gave my Love a way to instantly disarm abusive events from her childhood that were destroying our wonderful Love. Veera owns significant Empathy learned from the serious struggles in her life, she is skilled plus unafraid to share her positive strategies for successful relationships... and Life in general. Veera is an Outstanding listener. She is also professionaly trained, naturally likable and cares about creating happiness. Thank You Veera ! !

- Steve

Right from the process of finding Veera, she just felt like the right fit. It was actually my ex-husband who undertook the search for a mediator—the first significant milestone was him agreeing to work with one at all. Between the three or so we initially pursued, Veera struck a balance of being present and available yet not aggressive or too rigid. On the first consultation visit she seemed to get the nuances of our personalities, dynamics, pressing issues etc. and we were already making progress. Another very reassuring manner of hers is her willingness and ability to match and honor our pace for the process. Being mindful of thoroughly going through all the custody and financial issues while not over indulging in time and accrued fees we were wary of racking up. Probably a significant anxiety for any two people at odds, but trying to mediate as peacefully as possible, is to find someone fair and neutral. Veera has a way of very cleanly refocusing the energy for the greater good and staying on track, while giving audience to both party’s concerns, and respecting boundaries between the three of us. It was such a relief and so reassuring to work with her, feeling every step of the way that she genuinely wanted the best outcome for everyone, and helped us work out true compromises that don’t actually compromise either person.

- Erika

Hi Veera! Today was amazing. You are amazing. I appreciate you. Thank you again and I look forward to our next session 🤍 You are magic!.

⁃ Ashly

“Morning Veera. I took your advice and last night was wonderful. I woke up early and did light yoga and meditation. Made celery juice and now listening to four agreements. I feel wonderful. My husband and I spoke kind words this morning. You work magic. I could cry how good peace feels”.

⁃ Ashly