Veera Mahajan

How Mediation Can Help You

Let me explain the concept of mediation with a little story: Two young siblings are fighting over one orange while their mother is very busy preparing dinner. She has just about had it with the two kids fighting and screaming. So, made a judgement call: she grabs the orange and chops it in half and gives each one a half. The children stop fighting. The mom is happy that she was able to calm her kids and that she can go on and do what she was doing peacefully too. After she is done with her cooking, she goes to take out the trash and she finds half the orange and half the orange peal in the trash. She can‘t believe that the kids wasted the fruit after they both fought for it so much. So she asked then what was the meaning of that. Do they just like to fight and also give her a hard time. The kids explained that one wanted to eat the orange and the other only wanted the peal for her school project. Only if the mom had talked to the kids before chopping the orange in half to give each one one-half each, she could have given the whole orange to one and the whole peal to the other.That‘s what a mediator mom would do!

Save Time, funds and relationships

In the time that two different lawyers will take to gather information to make cases one medator could already be making headway in conflict resolutions. Because, a mediator is a neutral person talking to both parties, she sees and hears both sides and starts suggesting resolution possibilities right away. Things can be resolved with one item at a time till all or most of the grievances on the list are resolved. Saving time. Since mediation takes less time than going to lawyers, preparing cases mostly to attack the other party; money is saved. And mediators generally cost less than lawyers so more money is. saved!

Mediation is based on win-win strategy, in mediation you are trying to listen to the grievances of each party and share thoughts, use assisted negotiation to come up with a solution that both parties can agree to and live with instend of attacaking each other as is normally in a law-suit. After going through a law suit, some people end up hating each other and completely lose the friendly relationship they once had. During mediation, I always keep their relationships in mind and if possible keep that love and respect going by reminding both parties what they have to lose and how they can maintain a healthy ongoing relationship if they chose to resolve their conflicts peacefully without attacking each other.

What can you expect in Mediation Calls?

Mediation is a discussion between two or more parties in conflict usually facilitated by a neutral person called the mediator. An experienced neutral mediator will facilitate negotiation between opposing parties to come up with a win-win solution, while maintaining a peaceful and respectful atmosphere.

Most family and small business conflicts can be successfully resolved through mediation. I have over 95% success rate. I use my skills and experience and mediation skills along with my background in spiritual psychology to help families and business partners communicate with open heart and care with the objective of resolving conflict and not hurting each other out of anger.Mediation is a wonderful alternative dispute resolution process where you will save tons of money and time that you would otherwise spend on lawyers and courts and also salvage relationships with people and family members that were once your friends.

In family disputes and even in divorce cases, I always remind both (all) parties that they will be a family even after they separate especially if they have children. They will just be a family that lives in separate homes. You can choose to separate if that is the best solution for your peace, but you can minimize reasons to hate or hurt each other. I feel small businesses are also like families. Most businesses start between family members or good friends. Just like marriages, small businesses are between people who care and trust each other and somewhere along the way someone feels hurt or unheard and the conflict starts. If the conflict is not dealt with early on, it becomes a bigger problem and sometimes the separation becomes the only solution. That is why in conflicts, it is good to remember who the parties are that will be hurting if special care is not practiced. And, I make sure to remind everyone of that and keep the atmosphere as kind and peaceful as possible so that at the end of mediation both parties feel heard and are happy with the resolution. If you are going through a conflict with a family or business partner, please know that there are better ways for resolution then to take each other to court and fight your dirty fight publicly and losing your hard earned money on lawyers who are only your soldiers who make the fights bigger and eventually you will have to live by the court ordered decision. I am a mediator, a neutral person who will listen to both parties without taking sides. As long as you both agree to work with me, we can find ways to communicate. We can be in one room or I can work as your go-between messenger if that works better for both of you. My goal is to help you find a mutually acceptable win-win solution so you can move on feeling good because you were not told what to do but you were involved in the decision making.

I want you to feel empowered and in control.