Veera Mahajan

Mediation and Strategy calls:

I am a mediator and a counselor. My goal is to help save you time, money and numerous court dates, and help you find a win-win resolution while salvaging friendships and relationships. I have a M.A. in Mediation and Dispute resolution from Straus Institute at Pepperdine law school. I combine those skills with my training in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica to facilitate communication and negotiate resolution. I have extensive background in business. I was the partner/owner of a software company in Michigan for over 23 years and helped resolve business disputes regularly. I ran a magazine publishing business in Malibu for 6 years and have a lot of practical experience in business issues and resolving conflicts.  I know how to tackle family dynamics by uncovering the practical & emotional reasons for conflicts. I always try to show both parties that no matter what they are still a family, just a different kind of family, especially if children are involved.   I know the complexity of family disputes from inside out and understand the mentality of a victim and how they approach conflicts. I lived in domestic abuse for many years and found my way out about 11 years ago. I live absolutely free and empowered now. My goal is to help women find that abundant free life for themselves and live on their own terms. I have had 95% success rate with mediation cases even when my lawyer colleagues didn’t think they could have a resolution without going to court.  If both parties don’t agree to mediate, we can work with one-on-one strategy calls. I can help you figure out solutions one problem at a time so that you can continue to grow and attain the independence and success that you desire. I am excited and congratulate you for taking that first step to living a peaceful conflict free life and growing into the best version of yourself.